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Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract

(Gink-go | Bil-oba)

CAS Registry Number: 90045-36-6


Ginkgo Biloba Leafs have been used for many generations to improve blood flow, memory, concentration, eye problems, premenstrual syndrome and dizziness. Ginkgo has been also used for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food (considered a delicacy in Japan and China). Ginkgo mainly acts as a potent antioxidant that can help improve blood flow because it is rich in flavonoids. It also acts as an antibacterial + antifungal agent, protects the skin from redness and inflammation during exposure to UVA (Ultra Violet A – Long Wave)/UVB (Ultra Violet B – Short Wave) light.

Glycerin (Vegetable)


CAS Registry Number: 56-81-5


Glycerin is derived from plants such as soybeans and/or vegetables. Glycerin is Skin Identical and a skin-repairing agent, which means that it’s a naturally occurring substance in skin that helps maintain the outer barrier. These substances prevent dryness, moisture loss, itchiness, skin irritations and scaling. As an emollient, Glycerin softens, soothes and moisturizes the skin; it also decreases itching and flaking. Furthermore, Glycerin decreases the viscosity of the solution and is a humectant (keeps moisture locked).

Grape Seed Oil (Vitis Vinifera)

(Vi-tis | Vini-fera)

CAS Registry Number: 85594-37-2


Grape Seed Oil is a skin conditioning agent and also used as an emollient (moisturizer). Grape Seed Oil is also commonly used in Beauty products such as Makeup Remover Cloths in order to help remover makeup more easily. However, a very fine amount is used in order to prevent skin from getting oily and helping out products stay Rinse Free.

Grapefruit (Citrus Grandis) Oil

(Citrus | Gran-dis)

CAS Registry Number: 8016-20-4


Grapefruit Oil has various uses and benefits. It contains powerful antioxidants, is an antiseptic and disinfectant. However when it comes to skin care Grapefruit oil promotes beautiful glowing skin and has anti-aging properties. When used for your hair, it is used as a hair detangler and hair tonic.

Green Tea Leaf Extract (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract)

(Cam-el-lia | Sin-en-sis)

CAS Registry Number: 84650-60-2


Green Tea Leaf Extract has many great external benefits, not just for consumption. Green Tea Leaf Extract contains antioxidants, skin conditioning agents, naturally occurring antimicrobial agents, astringents, emollients (soothes skin), humectants(keep moisture locked), anti-aging & anti-carcinogenic properties, UV absorber agents (ameliorate), anti-irritant and skin protection agents. Need we say more?